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Amanda Houston has been a Weather Presenter at ITV Anglia since 2008. She’s originally from Cumbria, but moved to Newcastle in her teens, where she began her career in the media as an editorial assistant at the Evening Chronicle. While she always had her heart set on weather presenting, her route into the role wasn’t exactly conventional. She’s worked in club promotions, PR, newspaper sales, account management, media buying, radio presenting and even appeared in a few TV adverts.

Amanda Houston had almost given up on here dream of being a weather presenter and was planning to go to Australia when she applied for the job at Anglia. She’d booked a one-way ticket and sold all her possessions when she heard she’d been successful. So she changed her plans in an instant to pursue her dream job and hasn’t looked back!

Amanda Houston still loves to travel though, both with her husband and by herself. In recent years has backpacked around India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Closer to home, she enjoys visiting Europe, and has spent many a summer in Ibiza as she is a huge fan of house music. In fact in her spare time she can regularly be found spinning on her decks, but also equally enjoys chilling out in tea-rooms and practising yoga.

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  1. Andrew Saul

    I’m really pleased to see hot Amanda was voted sexiest presenter of last month. While, as I said before, I like girls of a wide variety of body types, I really love plump girls!

  2. Andrew Saul

    I should really start watching ITV Local News again. I miss seeing Amanda. I like women of a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, and Amanda is one of the more voluptuous women who really does it for me!

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