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Amanda Piper was raised in Margate and progressed through the local education system, before heading off to University with an interest in drama and a desire to be an actress. Whilst at University and in her early career she did a lot of free works experience, working on famous shows such as Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ and on ‘Children’s BBC’, all behind the scenes. It was these experiences that prompted her to return to college to study journalism.

Amanda began her career with a low-key job working on local radio in Kent before a friend introduced her to West Country TV, who snapped her up. She began her career with them as a junior journalist, doing all the jobs nobody wanted to, before working her way up to the presenter. In 1993, Amanda joined ITV and started work with Meridian TV, covering the main issues on the South Coast and the South-East of England.

During this time, and right up to now, she has worked as a writer, researcher, producer, and reporter. She has often substituted as a weather presenter and joint host of ‘Meridian Tonight’. She also now works on ‘Daybreak’ ITV’s popular early morning news magazine show, presenting the local news for the Meridian area on bulletins throughout the morning.


3 Responses

  1. Caz

    Why is Amanda posing with a pout into her phone’s camera.

  2. hanson

    Speaking from a personal point of view (pensioner, retired) and do not represent any Magazine or Employer

  3. charles

    Am always a firm fan of Amanda Piper. She presents the News and (usually!) Weather clearly and accurately and, in a personal view, sexily!

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