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Amy Cole can be seen reading some of the breakfast and lunchtime bulletins, and she’s also Spotlight’s reporter in North Devon. Amy was born in Mumbai and as a baby she was adopted and came to live in the South West in 1984. She spent her childhood years growing up in rural North Devon, surrounded by a menagerie of pets. Amy has always had a great interest in public speaking, as she explains: “I enjoyed writing speeches and delivering them to an audience.

“It gave me such a lot of confidence and the skills I learned through public speaking have been crucial in my work as a presenter/reporter.”

Amy Cole first started her media career as a news reader on North Devon’s Lantern FM radio station, where she helped to launch a weekend local news service. Amy also completed two years of a university degree, but managed to secure a reporting job at ITV West country News during her second year.

In 2004 Amy joined BBC Spotlight – a move she says, which has given her a wealth of opportunities. “I’ve had the chance to present bulletins, report, and have learned how to film and edit. I really enjoy being the North Devon reporter and presenting bulletins – both are a huge privilege.” In the past couple of years Amy Cole has had the travelling bug which has seen her do some charity work at an orphanage in India.

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