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Belle Donati is a well-known news anchor and interview host at Sky News. Her age seems to be in her 30s. However, her exact date of birth has not yet been disclosed. She is also a renowned responder for the NHS where she assisted disadvantaged young people in the United Kingdom.

Belle Donati is a news anchor and an interview host at Sky News. She joined Sky News on March 2021. She is also a freelance News Anchor and is an expert as a Cultural Presenter working all over in UK and Europe. Before beginning her journey in Sky News, she was involved with the NBC Euronews, France 24, Al Jazeera English, and BBC Radio. She hosted the early morning show named Good Morning Europe which focused mainly on Brexit Story. Belle is also involved as an NHS volunteer responder. Her job as the NHS responder is to provide support to the disadvantaged young people living in the United Kingdom.

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