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As soon as Emma Conybeare finished her Mathematics and Statics degree at Portsmouth University she moved to London. Even though the Forecasting, Computer Programming and Finance should have been the desired route for her, she had already made up her mind, that she was going to follow her dream of presenting.

At the age of 22 she got selected as one of the presenters for Google’s very first Live Hangout. The first guests to kick this show off were The Backstreet Boys. This Hangout had a live audience, media, entertainment news reporters and their millions of fans whom of which were streaming the interview live world wide and interacting, the interview hit over 110,000 views.

With Google, Emma Conybeare hosted a number of live events such as the Youtube Collaboration Live between Esmee Denters and Mike Hough. As well as interviewing artists such as Izzy Bizu, Neon Jungle, The Rascals and the Mmmm bop sensation Hanson.

Still part of Google Emma Conybeare started working alongside the brand ‘Reloaded Sessions’. Interviewing new and emerging artists and hosting their Reloaded Sessions live for their YouTube channel.

When the live events came to an end Emma Conybeare used her own initiative and her own filming team to carry on the process of interviewing new and emerging artists and becoming the co owning of The Hangout UK’s YouTube channel.

Emma Conybeare approached Hoxton Radio and pitched the idea of moving The Hangout into radio with similar concepts. She won the gig and ended up having two shows on Hoxton Radio for 2 years where she produced, wrote and presented her shows. She also became the main face of Hoxton Radio TV where she presented at events, interviewed artists and DJs at festivals.

Also within this 2 years at Hoxton Radio she organised and hosted Emma CB’s Acoustic sessions her first ever gig, giving a platform for new and emerging artists to perform in front of a live audience.

In 2016 Emma Conybeare got head hunted by Global and specifically Capital Xtra, she started off doing covers until the summer of that year where she got her very own show Capital Xtra’s Early Breakfast as well as covering Bank Holiday Breakfast.

Throughout the summer of 2016 Emma Conybeare became one of the main hosts of Sky Sports Street Velodrome the UK’s first ever outside Velodrome competition. Emma entertained the crowds, interviews competitors and interviewed VIP’s such as Boris Johnson and the Mayor of Uxbridge.

Emma Conybeare is very much into her sports at a young age she represented Hertfordshire at running and swimming nationally so you could say being competitive is in her blood.

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