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Louisa Preston became one of the youngest national newsreaders when ITN took her on as a reporter and presenter on Five News. Now she’s a regular face on BBC London and Breakfast, Louisa Preston joined the Breakfast team in September 2005 standing in for Moira Stuart reading news bulletins.

Her journalistic career started years before achieving a First Class Honours in Broadcast Journalism and Politics. From an early age all her free time was spent in local radio newsrooms in the Midlands which led to her first job as a reporter for BRMB in Birmingham.

Louisa Preston then moved on to become a news editor before landing her first job in TV news with ITN as a production journalist. It wasn’t long before she was reporting for ITV. Louisa Preston then got taken on by Five News as a reporter and presenter, presenting all of their news programmes as well as a news debate show. During that period she was also asked to present the ITV news channel.

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