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Rebecca Wood has always wanted to work in the media particularly as a weather presenter, and after completing an degree at Queen Mary’s in London, came home to do a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism at Staffordshire .

Rebecca Wood joined her local BBC Radio station – Stoke in 2008 working as the reporter, and news reader. Highlights include interviewing David Cameron, broadcasting live from a wedding on the day William and Kate got married (no, not that one), and gathering stories for BBC Radio Four’s Listening Project.

When the opportunity to present the weather came up at BBC Midlands Today in 2012 Rebecca Wood jumped at the chance, and is enjoying developing her skills in her dream job. In her spare time Rebecca Wood can be found galloping horses through the Staffordshire countryside, occasionally she falls off.

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  1. mr m barker

    Hi Rebecca we have noticed you no longer wear your wedding ring and hope this does not mean things have gone wrong for you,you are very pleasant and a pleasure to watch. many thanks

  2. Michael Dance

    @BeccyWoodTV I admit it one best reason about the midlands weather 🙂

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