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From an early age Sam Hughes has been surrounded by music, with her father’s talents as a musician and her mother’s as a ballerina, you could say that music was in her blood, and you would not be wrong. Sam Hughes loves music that evokes emotion and appreciates a piece that can bring you to tears, so it will come as no surprise that Romeo & Juliet is her favourite ballet performance. That’s not all there is to Sam, you can also hear her rocking out on the Planet Rock breakfast show every Saturday and Sunday. Sam is now hanging up her red shoes to join Scala having been a proud member of the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew for a number of years, and for that, Sam – we salute you.

Favourite classical composer: This is hard to answer but probably Ravel

Desert island classical piece: Bizet’s Carmen

Absolutely essential film score: The beautiful score to Lawrence of Arabia is pretty special

Classical tune most likely to sing in the shower: I would never do this!!! Would much rather listen to a beautiful piece than ruin it with my own singing!!!!

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