April 2016 Sexiest Presenters

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Here are the results for April 2016 Sexiest Presenter and we must say you did not disappoint us with the results, even though Stacey Soloman took an early lead in the month but you the public voted in your mass and the results are:

  1. Alexandrea Legouix
  2. Laura Tobin
  3. Lucrezia Millarini

Alexandra Legouix was only added in April and in her first month of being on www.sexiest-presenters.com and she won the title of April 2016 Sexiest Presenter, Alexandra does have a big fan base on Twitter and this did help her to get the title, Laura Tobin and Lucrezia Millarini both feature well in each months results and we are sure that they will win in the following months to come. Well done to you all and thanks again to everyone who voted.