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Amanda grew up on the other side of the Pennines in Stockport. Her first real job after university was selling safety clothing and equipment – it wasn’t long before she left the overalls and ear plugs for a new career in journalism. Working from the bottom, and for free, she started her journalism career as a Video Journalist for cable TV in Liverpool, filming, reporting and editing news stories.

“In those days the cameras were huge and weighed more than us!” Amanda said.

“I was eventually taken on as a member of staff where I also presented the news bulletins.”

After a couple of years she joined ITN as a Video Journalist based in Kent and then Yorkshire. Every day brought a new challenge. She travelled all over the country covering some big national stories, including Jill Dando’s murder and the Selby rail disaster.¬†Amanda joined Look North in 2002 and now works as a Video Journalist and Presenter.

“One day I can be filming in a muddy field, the next I’m in the studio presenting live news bulletins,” she said.¬†“My career highlights so far include flying over Bradford Alhambra’s main stage dressed as Wendy from Peter Pan and meeting the Fonz – who’s still very cool.

“I’ve learnt that the secret to being a good reporter is be prepared for anything and to have a comfortable pair of shoes on standby, because you never know what the new day will bring….”



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