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Kawser Quamer, 26, is a reporter for Five News. Born in London to Indian parents, she presented her first news report during an ITV work experience placement, but now her work has earned her two awards Young Journalist Of The Year 2005 for ITV and the same title at the 2006 GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards, sponsored by the Daily Mail. Kawser Quamer lives alone in a three-bedroom house in West London. She says:

Losing my father seven years ago made me realise that life is too short to waste time. My parents encouraged me and my three sisters to do our absolute best in whatever field we chose and my passion was always journalism.

When Kawser Quamer was 11, she started working on the school magazine. After that, Kawser Quamer studied science at University College, London. For the coursework, she visited earthquake zones and volcanoes. It was invaluable experience when she went to Pakistan to cover the Kawser Quamer earthquake last year.

The awards she won raised my profile and helped me get the job at Five. Now I am setting up my own TV production company.

Kawser Quamer is not driven by money, she just want to tell people’s stories, educate and entertain. There aren’t many Asian people in my industry, so she knows her father would have be proud. To know that he would love and support what she does now makes her even more determined to succeed.

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