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Lisa Gallagher was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1977 and was educated at Sharples School. She went on to graduate from the University of Hull with a BSc. Hons 2.1 degree in geography. Since graduating she has worked as a computer cartographer and then, prior to joining the Met Office, as a member of cabin crew flying out of Manchester airport”. I really enjoyed the job but do admit to wanting to get off the plane with the passengers in the downroute destination!”

Lisa Gallagher joined the Met Office in September 1999 and spent some time training at the Met Office college in Reading before moving to the BBC Television Centre in London to support the team of national broadcasters on domestic, News 24 and world service.

After spending 18 months in London, Lisa Gallagher is very pleased to be back in the north and presenting the weather in a region where she spent many a weekend rambling round the countryside on field trips from university. Lisa has recently joined a gym in an attempt to get fit after years of being a self-confessed lazy chocoholic! In her spare time she enjoys reading, drawing, socialising with friends and aspires to one day owning a Porsche 911.

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