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Nigella Lawson was featured as one of the three judges on a special battle of Iron Chef America, titled “The Super Chef Battle”, which pitted White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford and Iron Chef Bobby Flay against chef Emeril Lagasse and Iron Chef Mario Batali. This episode was originally broadcast on 3 January 2010. Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home (2010) is a tie-in with the TV series “Nigella Kitchen.” This was shown in the UK and on the Food Network in the United States.

Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration was released in 2012. The 8 part TV series entitled Nigellissima was broadcast by the BBC. Nigella Lawson obtained work experience in Italy during her gap year.

Nigella Lawson travelled to the United States in 2013 and starred alongside Anthony Bourdain in the reality cooking show The Taste. The UK version of the show began airing on 7 January 2014 on Channel 4. Lawson was granted a visa to travel to the United States and travelled there for a continuation of the series. In 2014 Nigella Lawson was hired by a chocolate company to appear in an advertisement, the advertisement was filmed in New Zealand in May for a local confection manufacturer Whittaker’

The UK and US series of The Taste were both completed and in autumn 2015 Nigella Lawson began “Simply Nigella”, a BBC 2 show showing viewers how to cook a range of dishes that were simple to cook and similar to what viewers would make themselves. Nigella Lawson featured comfort food and dishes that were quick to prepare. She featured food that would make viewers feel better while they cooked it and also when they ate it.

On the 23rd May, Nigella Lawson was spokesperson for the United Kingdom revealing the voting results during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Nigella Lawson commented, “Yes, it’s true. Oui, c’est vrai. Ja, das ist wahr.

It was reported on 18 January 2016, that Nigella Lawson would make a return to Australian television, joining series 8 of MasterChef Australia as a guest judge, alongside the returning judges.

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