Amanda Piper

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Amanda Piper was raised in Margate and progressed through the local education system, before heading off to University with an interest in drama and a desire to be an actress. Whilst at University and in her early career she did a lot of free works experience, working on famous shows such as Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ and on ‘Children’s BBC’, all behind the scenes. It was these experiences that prompted her to return to college to study journalism.

Amanda began her career with a low-key job working on local radio in Kent before a friend introduced her to West Country TV, who snapped her up. She began her career with them as a junior journalist, doing all the jobs nobody wanted to, before working her way up to the presenter. In 1993, Amanda joined ITV and started work with Meridian TV, covering the main issues on the South Coast and the South-East of England.

During this time, and right up to now, she has worked as a writer, researcher, producer, and reporter. She has often substituted as a weather presenter and joint host of ‘Meridian Tonight’. She also now works on ‘Daybreak’ ITV’s popular early morning news magazine show, presenting the local news for the Meridian area on bulletins throughout the morning.


Ria Chatterjee

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Ria Chatterjee was born on 22 October 1982 in Wales, she is a famous journalist well-known for her work at ITV News London and ITV News. She formerly worked as a journalist for the BBC and Sky News.

Ria Chatterjee was born and raised in Wales but later moved to England with her parents due to some family circumstances. She is now works at ITV news and has been working for them since 2011.

Yes, the TV journalist is married to her fellow journalist named Rags Martel. She is currently living with her husband and his daughter Roxin Martel, born to his former girlfriend.

Ria has been married for quite a long time now. We can see her by Rag’s side when he was suffering from thyroid cancer in 2014. It seems both of them are genuinely in love with each other and are spending a happy marriage.

Ria Chatterjee is born of Welsh nationality however she belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Her parents are Asian. However, there is no information on who her parents are or what their names are. However, Ria has a sister named Rini Chatterjee who is a doctor by profession. Rini has once shared a picture of Ria on her Twitter.

Ria Chatterjee does not have a Wikipedia profile at present. However, her achievements are not any less than a celebrity. She has won many awards for her exceptional work as a journalist.

She owns many honors & awards like Regional Journalist of the Year, Journalist of the year by ITV news, Best Newcomer award from ITV and she was also nominated in the media category for Asian Women of Achievement Awards and News Reporter of the Year. Besides being a journalist, Ria also writes her opinion on The Independent, covering social and political issues.

Ria Chatterjee has successfully set herself as one of the best journalists in the male-dominated media industry. Her achievements and contributions are inspirations to many women.

Katya Adler

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After graduating, Katya Adler initially briefly worked for The Times before moving to Vienna in August 1995 to work for Mondial Congress, an organiser of International Congresses. She began working as a correspondent for Austrian national public broadcaster ORF in late 1995, reporting locally and then internationally from Kosovo, Eastern Europe and across Southwest Asia and North Africa.

Katya Adler joined the BBC in Vienna in 1998, reporting on Austrian and Central European affairs. After becoming the BBC’s Berlin correspondent for a short period, from 2000 she was based in London for the BBC World Service presenting on European current affairs, and commuting weekly to Berlin to work as a news anchor for Deutsche Welle Television.

From August 2003, she was the BBC Madrid correspondent, travelling around Europe, Southwest Asia and North Africa to cover stories including the deaths of Pope John Paul II and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in a Paris hospital. Adler also reported on the Madrid train bombings. She admitted in an interview in 2019 that she had lied about being able to speak Spanish to get the Madrid correspondent job. Katya Adler later learned the language by listening to Spanish political radio and Mexican soap operas.

From December 2006 Katya Adler was the BBC’s Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem but reporting around the region from Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Libya. During this period she was also an occasional presenter or interviewer on HARDtalk.

Katya Adler has also presented a number of one-hour documentaries, such as Mexico’s Drug Wars for BBC2. Her film Spain’s Stolen Babies was runner-up for an RTS award in 2012.

At the end of April 2014 she was appointed the BBC’s Europe editor, replacing Gavin Hewitt. Her appointment was controversial because her LinkedIn profile stated that for 15 years she had regularly facilitated conferences for a number of clients including one for the European Union. This brought about criticism from Conservative Party MPs, including Andrew Bridgen and Philip Davies. Davies stated: “this cosy relationship between the BBC and the European Commission severely undermines your editorial integrity and ability to report matters in a strictly objective manner.” The BBC in written response clarified that Adler had at the time been working freelance for the BBC and a number of other broadcast organisations, and in 19 years had only been paid to chair one EU event in 2005, invited by the UK presidency, not the European Commission.

In early February 2017, the BBC broadcast a documentary by Katya Adler titled After Brexit: the Battle for Europe in which she examined the mounting challenges facing the European Union over the next few years. In June 2017 Adler became one of the four presenters of Brexitcast, a BBC podcast covering Brexit. In September 2019, Brexit Newscast became a regular television broadcast fixture on BBC1, usually following BBC Question Time, as of December 2020.

As of 2019, Katya Adler was paid between £205,000-£209,999, placing her on the list of the highest-paid BBC news and current affairs staff.

Belle Donati

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Belle Donati is a well-known news anchor and interview host at Sky News. Her age seems to be in her 30s. However, her exact date of birth has not yet been disclosed. She is also a renowned responder for the NHS where she assisted disadvantaged young people in the United Kingdom.

Belle Donati is a news anchor and an interview host at Sky News. She joined Sky News on March 2021. She is also a freelance News Anchor and is an expert as a Cultural Presenter working all over in UK and Europe. Before beginning her journey in Sky News, she was involved with the NBC Euronews, France 24, Al Jazeera English, and BBC Radio. She hosted the early morning show named Good Morning Europe which focused mainly on Brexit Story. Belle is also involved as an NHS volunteer responder. Her job as the NHS responder is to provide support to the disadvantaged young people living in the United Kingdom.

Ali Fortescue

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Ali Fortescue covers a range of national and international news stories for the news channel. She has broken exclusives, and was the first correspondent to witness a migrant boat crossing the channel.

Before joining Sky, Ali Fortescue was a reporter at the BBC in the north of England.

Ali Fortescue has won multiple awards, including an O2 award, and was commended at the Royal Television Society for her “astonishing journalism” uncovering abuse at a care home in Margate.


Storm Huntley

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Storm Huntley’s first name was chosen from a combination of her mother reading a novel where the lead had this name (A Sparrow Falls by Wilbur Smith) and an electrical storm outside on the day she was born. Her grandmother refused to use this name for some time.

As a toddler, Storm Huntley accidentally poured a kettle of boiling water over herself, causing permanent scarring to her arm, shoulder and neck; she chooses clothing to conceal the scars.

Raised in Bishopbriggs in the northern part of Greater Glasgow, Storm Huntley attended Bishopbriggs High School before taking a degree in politics and economics from the University of Glasgow in 2008. She became involved in the university station’s Subcity Radio as well as hospital radio, spent time in London with a local community radio company (OnFM) and took a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism from the London College of Communication.

After a period of unpaid work experience, Storm Huntley found work as a researcher with BBC Scotland, became increasingly interested in weather reporting and took a short meteorology course with the Open University.

In June 2014 Storm Huntley joined STV’s new local STV Glasgow channel, presenting weather forecasts and features on its evening daily Riverside Show.

Since 2015, Storm Huntley has been involved in three shows on British terrestrial television – the seasonal CBeebies show Down on the Farm and The Wright Stuff and its replacement Jeremy Vine. Down on the Farm was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland Award in 2016.

On Channel 5’s daily live morning phone-in debate programme The Wright Stuff and its 2018 replacement Jeremy Vine, she is a co-host, screening and introducing callers to the hosts Matthew Wright and Jeremy Vine and reading out viewer correspondence. Storm Huntley joined STV’s new local STV Glasgow channel, presenting weather forecasts and features on its evening daily Riverside Show.

Helen Willetts

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Helen Willetts is a meteorologist on the BBC. She appears regularly on BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Red Button, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 2. Helen Willetts is an occasional weather forecaster on the BBC News at Ten on BBC One.

Helen Willetts was born in Chester, England. She was educated at Ysgol Eirias (Eirias High School) in Colwyn Bay, Wales. She obtained a first class honours degree in Physics at the University of Nottingham in 1993.

In February 1994, Helen Willetts joined the Met Office to begin a five-month weather forecaster training course at the Met Office College based at the former RAF Shinfield Park.

In July 1994, Helen Willetts moved to the Weather Centre in Cardiff. From 1995, she was a forecaster on both BBC Television and BBC Radio in Wales. In 1997, she joined BBC Weather in London to work for BBC News.

In March 2006, Helen Willetts was awarded the Television and Radio Industry Club (TRIC) award for best TV weather presenter.

Alex Phillips

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Alex Phillips is a proud Gloucester girl and attended two utterly fantastic grammar schools, before getting a double first in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Durham.

After graduating Alex Phillips trained in newsrooms in Ghana, China and India to build up a portfolio to get into the super-competitive and widely respected School of Journalism in Cardiff, all whilst working for the NHS and working in a nightclub to pay for the next expedition.

Alex Phillips went on to work for ITV Wales before returning to my other spiritual home of the North East with ITV Tyne Tees before finally ending up at the BBC as part of their talent pool scheme.

In 2009, Alex Phillips left journalism and entered politics, back when Eurosceptics were labelled fruitcakes and loonies. I went on to consult in elections abroad before returning home to be elected as a Brexit Party MEP.

My final day in Brussels on January 31 2020 came just before the global pandemic hit. Like many of us, Alex Phillips ended up having an unusual 2020 and hunkered down with my parents in Gloucester at the grand old age of 37.

Alex Phillips love writing for The Telegraph when I get the chance and enjoyed a brilliant year regularly guesting on TalkRADIO. Now I’m back in London and thrilled to be back in TV journalism with GB News after a rather busy sabbatical!