Ria Chatterjee

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Ria Chatterjee was born on 22 October 1982 in Wales, she is a famous journalist well-known for her work at ITV News London and ITV News. She formerly worked as a journalist for the BBC and Sky News.

Ria Chatterjee was born and raised in Wales but later moved to England with her parents due to some family circumstances. She is now works at ITV news and has been working for them since 2011.

Yes, the TV journalist is married to her fellow journalist named Rags Martel. She is currently living with her husband and his daughter Roxin Martel, born to his former girlfriend.

Ria has been married for quite a long time now. We can see her by Rag’s side when he was suffering from thyroid cancer in 2014. It seems both of them are genuinely in love with each other and are spending a happy marriage.

Ria Chatterjee is born of Welsh nationality however she belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Her parents are Asian. However, there is no information on who her parents are or what their names are. However, Ria has a sister named Rini Chatterjee who is a doctor by profession. Rini has once shared a picture of Ria on her Twitter.

Ria Chatterjee does not have a Wikipedia profile at present. However, her achievements are not any less than a celebrity. She has won many awards for her exceptional work as a journalist.

She owns many honors & awards like Regional Journalist of the Year, Journalist of the year by ITV news, Best Newcomer award from ITV and she was also nominated in the media category for Asian Women of Achievement Awards and News Reporter of the Year. Besides being a journalist, Ria also writes her opinion on The Independent, covering social and political issues.

Ria Chatterjee has successfully set herself as one of the best journalists in the male-dominated media industry. Her achievements and contributions are inspirations to many women.

Teresa Bo

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Teresa Bo is a Latin America correspondent for Al Jazeera English. A native Argentinian, she investigates the underside of Argentinian politics and has reported on political corruption and ballot stuffing. She has also carried out major investigations into the ‘war on drugs’ from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

Before joining Al Jazeera, Teresa Bo was based in Iraq and reported for BBC Spanish and CNN. She covered the US invasion and its aftermath, including the 2004 US Marine attack on the city of Fallujah. Teresa Bo has won two major awards in Spain for her Iraq coverage, including the prestigious Lara Prize for Best Journalist Under 30 years old.


Elaine Willcox

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Elaine Willcox was born in Berlin, after her father was stationed in the city as part of the Royal Engineers, she was brought up in Newcastle where she stayed to complete a degree in English and History. Elaine Willcox now lives in North West England. Elaine lives with her husband. Elaine Willcox is ITV Granada’s Lead Correspondent and Deputy Editor. Elaine has worked for ITV for more than 20 years, telling some of the biggest stories across the North West of England.

Elaine Willcox was part of a team which won a BAFTA in 2007 for covering the impact of the Morecambe Bay cockling disaster for ITV Granada. This, to date, is the only occasion where a BAFTA has gone to a regional news programme. In September 2007 Elaine Willcox joined GMTV as North West England Correspondent, after three years, she returned to ITV Granada as a reporter for regional news programme Granada Reports.

Liz Bates

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Liz Bates is currently Westminster correspondent for the Yorkshire Post, part of JPI Media. She has previously worked for Politics Home and as a communications officer for Labour MP John Healey.

Originally from Rotherham, Liz Bates said she hopes her background will enable her “to reach out beyond the Westminster bubble and deliver political coverage that is authentic and relevant”.

Liz Bates scooped her rival lobby journalists – the cohort of reporters based in Parliament – earlier this year with a video of Labour MP Chris Williamson telling a Momentum meeting that Labour had been “too apologetic” about the anti-Semitism claims tearing through its ranks.

The story, which ran as an exclusive in the Post, led to his suspension by Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

Liz Bates said she “can’t wait to get started” at Channel 4 News, which she said “continually sets the bar high”, adding: “I’m looking forward to working with the best in the business.”

Channel 4 News editor Ben de Pear added: “Liz is a first rate journalist who has produced a series of notable exclusives but also impressive in how she relentlessly pursued and secured Boris Johnson recently for an interview.

“She has a completely new and fresh take on politics and its place in British society which really impressed us. She will be a wonderful addition to the newsroom.”

Crick, 60, announced his sudden departure from Channel 4 News in April after eight years as political correspondent at the broadcaster. He now works freelance, saying he had not “hung up his boots” as a reporter.

Channel 4 News has also confirmed that Paul McNamara will continue on the politics beat after a successful stint reporting from Westminster.