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Before joining Sky, Jo wheeler had spells working for Central Television as a continuity announcer from 1983 and East Midlands Today as one of its first weather presenters when it was launched in 1991. She presented the afternoon weekend programme on Radio Lincolnshire from 1988 – 93. She was also voted Best European Weather Presenter in 1998. Jo wheeler joined Sky in 1994 where she also presented forecasts for Channel 5 until February 2012.

Jo Wheeler lived in Portugal for a seven-year period with her husband and five children, and commuted to the UK-based Sky News Centre in Isleworth on a weekly basis to present the weather. Because of this, she acted as a live reporter in Praia da Luz during the initial coverage of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann before journalists arrived from London. In 2010, Sky News carried out a major overhaul of its presentation, removing most of its weather presenters, Jo wheeler now works freelance.

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