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Sarah Hewson presents Sky News Tonight alongside Adam Boulton, weekdays from 7pm – 9pm. Sky News Tonight is broadcast live from Sky News state of the art Westminster Studio, showcasing the best of Sky News journalism with interviews with major guests, studio debate, analysis and a pioneering social media cross-over.

Prior to this, Sarah Hewson and Adam presented Boulton and Co covering on the day breaking news stories and hard hitting debates from the Japanese tsunami to the Arab spring, the Eurozone crisis to the capture of Colonel Gaddafi, with Sarah breaking the news live on air that the former dictator had died. Autumn 2011 saw the Boulton and Co team take the show on the road, with Sarah presenting live from the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem political party conferences.

Prior to joining the Boulton and Co team Sarah Hewson held the role of Royal Correspondent, interviewing six senior members of the British royal family including Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, and three Prime Ministers (David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair). Sarah also covered the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement and their subsequent wedding, along with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She interviewed Prince Andrew at 50 and, exclusively, his daughter Beatrice on her father’s landmark birthday. Sarah’s role saw her follow Prince William on his first official trip to New Zealand and Australia, interview Prince Charles during his and Camilla’s tour of South America, and travel to New York as Prince Harry made his first visit to the site of the World Trade Centre.

Previously, Sarah Hewson was a general news reporter. She played a major role in Sky’s award-winning coverage of the July 7th bombings in London, broadcasting live from the Sky helicopter and sending back the first images from the scene.

As well as being an ambassador of Sky Academy, Sarah Hewson has been instrumental in driving Sky News efforts to improve representation of women on-screen supporting female experts to the extent that 40% of the contributors to her former programme, Boulton & Co, were women.

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  1. Mike

    I am very sad that Sarah has left Sky News and hope that she reappears somewhere else.

  2. Ged Rooney

    Sarah hewson is one of my favourite presenters on sky news. She comes across very intelligent and very lady like. I hope she stays with sky news and I wish her well in her career as a presenter.

  3. Ged Rooney

    Sarah Henson is one of my favourite presenters on sky news. She comes across very inteligant and a gorgeous presenter. I hope Sarah stays with sky news and l wish her career well.

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