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Steff Gaulter graduated in Natural Science (Physics) from Cambridge University before joining the UK Met Office. There she trained in meteorology, becoming the first ever person to be awarded a distinction in the final forecasting exam.

Whilst at the Met Office, Steff Gaulter was sent on secondment to the BBC where she began her presenting career. She has since presented the weather on Sky News, Sky Sports, Channel Five, and Sky Sports News and most recently at Al Jazeera English, where Steff has been the Senior Weather Presenter since its launch in 2006.

Steff Gaulter also is the author of a weekly Gulf Times column called, naturally, The Weather Addict. When Steff Gaulter joined Al Jazeera, many people made the same hilarious joke about the new job being really easy (every day is scorchio!), but little do they know!! Since working for the company, Steff Gaulter has reported from a Tropical Cyclone in Oman and experienced an earthquake in Chile!

Being world weather, there’s far too much weather to talk about, so I started writing a weekly column for the Gulf Times: The Weather Addict, which can be found every Sunday in the Time Out section.

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  1. Yoshuel Lopez

    I am a huge fan of Steff Gaulter and would love to meet her

    • admin

      Hi Yoshel, I can see why you are a huge fan of Steff as she is a beautiful woman.

  2. christiaan vd Merwe

    I am a South African Fan of al jazeera, and especially Steff Gaulter’s weather service, as I am a private Pilot. She is by far the most attractive Presenter

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