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Becky Mantin started her media career writing for the Eastern Daily Press and appearing on the commercial radio station Broadland 102. She then moved to ITV Anglia, initially as a fashion presenter for lunchtime magazine show Home Malone before undertaking meteorological training to become ITV Anglia’s main weather presenter, later presenting and reporting on regional programmes including the consumer show Late Night Checkout and animal rescue series ‘Animal Tales’.

Becky Mantin then started to appear on the national ITV Weather, Channel 5, Sky and This Morning on ITV as a reporter. From 25 February 2005 she ceased duties with ITV Anglia and joined ITV Weather on a permanent basis. She co-presented ITV’s This Morning Summer with Denise van Outen and Richard Bacon in summer 2005 to celebrate 50 years of ITV.

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  1. Thomas

    Best weather presenter on television.Every appearance,her delivery of forecast is original,punchy and whatever the weather, she transmits a happy

  2. John Martin

    Becky is really attractive and I particularly love her hair. It’s rather punky/funky for a professional presenter.

  3. Cane

    Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Thanks for supplying this info.

  4. cardinal

    The photo of her in the blue polo shirt is great!
    Do you have the original?

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment, we will try our best to get the photo you have mentioned. We will let you know once we have this photo.

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