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After graduation Lucy Verasamy worked at the Press Association’s weather centre for four years as a forecaster, writing forecasts for newspapers and scripts for radio. Having previously completed a work experience placement at the Sky Weather Centre before becoming a weather forecaster, Lucy Verasamy joined Sky channel and became the regular weather presenter on the Sky News breakfast show Sunrise. In 2007 the Sky News website started a feature entitled Climate Clinic – Ask Lucy as part of their Green Britain campaign, where Verasamy answered questions put forward by members of the public regarding climate change. She also contributed to Sky News’ The Weather Girls blog.

On 6 September 2010, Lucy Verasamy joined the newly launched ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak, as a weather forecaster and environment correspondent, alongside Kirsty McCabe. On 7 February 2012, Kirsty McCabe left the programme, leaving Lucy Verasamy the sole weather forecaster. On 2 August 2012, she too left the programme. Since 2012, Lucy Verasamy has fronted the national weather forecasts for ITV.

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  1. Mark gee

    Lucy as definitely got my vote…the hottest weather girl ever

  2. Mike

    Lucy is indeed a very intelligent, beautiful & very sexy lady

  3. Zia Syed

    How’s that Tina Turner song go? “Simply the best!”

  4. John Martin

    Lucy is lovely. She is a serious weather person but can’t help being sexy, it just comes naturally. Having said that, she dresses and moves well. Tasteful, nothing seedy. I am obviously not the only person who has noticed a wink at the end. Maybe there is dust in the studio?

  5. Paul Brady

    Likes Irish men

  6. Lone Ranger

    Absolutely beautiful,a very sexy woman with a hint of mystery…..

  7. Veerasam.D.P

    My long lost niece? She is divine .
    From Dr Veerasamy, Mauritius.

  8. m1ike

    hi lucy, a true English beauty. you make every day a better one ,if you get married id love to take you on my horse drawn wedding carriage for free. mike

    • admin

      Hi Mike, I am sure that Lucy cheers up every mans day. Yes she is certainly an English beauty / rose.

  9. Mervyn Powell

    No matter how good or bad the weather is going to be, she just brightens my day. (is she good looking? hell yeah.) (is she sexy? damn right she is) Just blows all the competition away. XXX

    • admin

      Hi Mervyn, Lucy is a ray of sunshine no matter what the weather is doing outside.

      • Malcolm Titley

        I have wished for the wealth of a great millionaire,
        I have reached for a bright star above,
        But the thrill of it all to seems so small,
        When compared to Lucy verasamy,

    • admin

      Hi John, I cannot disagree with your comment Lucy Verasamy is to my favourite weather presenter.

  10. Nimrod

    Lucy Verasamy moves her arms, hands and shoulders as though the forecast is a ballet.
    So beautiful to watch, I have not a clue what she has been talking about. In case you are wondering to whom she sometimes sends an air-kiss near the end, it is for me (in my dreams).

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