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Susanna Reid began her career at BBC Radio Bristol and then became a reporter for Radio 5 Live, as well as a producer. Susanna Reid then joined BBC News 24, where she spent two years as a reporter. When the 23:00 presenter didn’t turn up one night, Susanna Reid became a stand-in presenter for an hour (while three months pregnant with her first child), which turned into a permanent position. Before going on maternity leave, she presented on the BBC’s online interactive service. Susanna Reid became a reporter for Breakfast News in 1998. After a second maternity break, she became a presenter on the BBC News channel.

In February 2014, it was reported that ITV were attempting to recruit Susanna Reid for their new breakfast programme, with a £1 million salary. Susanna Reid had previously rejected claims of moving to ITV in December 2013, during her Strictly Come Dancing stint, claiming she would “bleed BBC” if cut open. On 3 March 2014, the BBC confirmed Reid’s move to ITV to front rival breakfast programme Good Morning Britain, which replaced its former breakfast show Daybreak. Susanna Reid currently co-hosts the show alongside Ben Shephard, Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins every Monday-Thursday from 6-8.30am.

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  1. Andrew hill

    Nice lady. Not what on the outside it’s what’s on the inside. If u get both. Welll happy

  2. Kevin Wilshire

    She looks ok when shes got make up on but, without it not very attractive . She did post a photo of herself with out make up and said this is the real me.

  3. John H

    Susanna is truly a gorgeous beautiful women and a brilliant Presenter, she has got me up every morning for many many years, even when she was on Breakfast TV those years ago. truly the most beautiful women ive ever seen and a very kind, caring natured lady. All she does is a credit to her.. Even though i’d love to date her and be her man but like others i can only Dream. im ok with that, id rather stay as a fan,viewer. Susanna is an absoulte GEM in morning TV. Keep going Susanna..

  4. George Singh

    Susanna is top class so fabulous absolutely sensational professional journalist and presenter you’re down to earth. l support you always sexy lovely Susanna Reid ♥️Xxx.

  5. D.

    Here is one sexy gorjus all out BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY . Very much always worth waking up for every morning or in my case the night shift. I can only dream but this again BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY can rock my world. She is my GUILTY PLEASURE XXXXXXX

  6. michael hunt

    Susanna is a top class tv presenter, shes not onley brillant on Good Morning Britain but very beautiful women works excellent with Preice Morgan love to date her for lunch, one can onley dream x

  7. nick


  8. Christopher Fox

    Used to like her when she first appeared on BREAKFAST.Now she’s trying too hard to be sexy,and the Tango orange skin doesn’t help…..

  9. Bill

    Over-rated, over-the-hill, and so up her own backside it’s laughable. Unbearable to work with!

    • admin

      Hi Bill, that is not a very nice thing to say about Susanna Reid. I mean she is only doing her job, besides you said “Unbearable to work with”, have you ever worked with Susanna?

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